“We dream of travels throughout the universe: is not the universe within us ?” Novalis

You want to go on an adventure ? Want to reach stars and exiting galaxies ?

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 detailrich microscope photography of body fluids and other specimens

My main interest are the body fluids. Saliva, tears, sweat and urine have a fascinating amount of crystals.
It is stunning what you can find. Of course the flora, fauna and day to day stuff got also mind blowing appearances.
It is amazing, how something can change its appearance, only by looking on it from a different perspective.
The relation to the seen can transform even by a simple change of the lightning.

I can capture stunning pictures with the help of my microscope and a camera.
You will discover precious treasures. Just write me through  | CONTACT |  and we can make an appointment.
I currently live in Berlin, Germany.

I am curious by nature, so I am easily amazed by the infinite shapes an expressions of life.
It is so wonderful what life shares with us.
I am inviting everyone, to discover the galaxies together.

I am so exited. I just can’t hide it.

Nicola Swietkowiak



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