allismicro Nicola Swietkowiak allismicro Nicola Swietkowiak

I am so astonished and curious about the miracles of the galaxies. I love to discover
the unknown, so I travel through the microcosm with the help of a microscope and a camera.
Some call me Microla, and my parents gave me Nicola Andrea Swietkowiak as a name.
I was born in the winter 1981 at 06:01 AM in Seeheim-Jugenheim (south west of Germany).
My family lives all around the world, so I traveled nine years around the globe to visit
 and learn about their landscapes, cultures and languages.
Currently I live in Berlin (Germany). Since 2008 I live, love and learn in this beautiful capital.
I am curious by nature, so I am easily amazed by the infinite shapes an expressions of life.
It is so wonderful what life shares with us.
I am inviting everyone, to discover the galaxies together.

I am so exited. I just can’t hide it.


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